The Goddess Speaks- She Who Hides Her Face

Throughout these hallowed halls of time there has always existed a
joyful symphony. Such music can be heard in the deep recesses
of the human heart, and mind.

Keeping true to the universal laws of love, acceptance, and tolerance
flow unheeded among the vast tribes of the species across the green earth
of the Great Goddess.

She calls Her people through dreams; Reflecting crystallized rainbows with wings unfolding,
the dark fire of perfume wafting gently through the senses. Her law is absolute.

True to their nature; humans are too young to understand the true will of the Goddess.
They are deceitful, vengeful, and make war among their own kind.

They forget that without true justice, and forgiveness; the universal flow is disrupted
causing chaos and despair.

Has She chosen to hide Herself from these people who simply cannot grasp the concept that She
has been the creative force of the universe and of the earth itself since the beginning of time?

© copyright 2012-10-12 – All Rights Reserved


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