The Goddess Speaks- Mary

When you smell roses, yet none are nearby and there are no logical answers for the sweet scent…

When you hear the sound of church bells , that are unlike fairy bells which are melodic and resounding to one’s ear except sharp and clear….

When you feel a drop of water, yet no rain falls…

When you feel a gentle touch on your shoulder, yet you are alone…

Be assured that the Holy Mother Mary may be near, so full of love for you and understanding of your pain…

She comes in peace and blessing..She gives us the vision and guidance to look upon each other with compassion but knowing only through Divine and self work can a person be saved from despair.

She gives us the clarity and understanding to see what directly in front of us, rather than behind. Admit your faults and do not be afraid, She says….

Her gentle and nurturing nature is just so far beyond the scope of our human understanding because we do not have that embodiment here on earth.

Love is not illusionary…it doesnt have a price because it is priceless, let go of your fear and FEEL more, She says….

We seek to embody the qualities of the Goddess of Heaven…..


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