The Goddess Speaks- I Stretch Forth My Hand

I stretch forth My hand and cold winter winds begin to blow. I alone drive you indoors away from your everyday sorrows so that you may reflect on whom I created. You. You are My children. Yet you walk in the shadows of pain, regret, jealousy, anger, and so much more.

These were not the qualities I instilled in you but that which you learned in your own evolution. You would rather lie in the icy depths of fear than embrace the insurmountable love I know is in your souls. That primal instinct I put in you to connect all the Tribes of the Earth together. So as I have created you, so the Tribes are connected with you in an intricate web of pulsating energy that emanates throughout all worlds and crosses the boundaries of time.

I created My children this way so that way so you would recognize each soul as a part of you on your path. A sacred Priest, and Priestess in a life afore. So that you would come together under My pale moonlight. Delight in My holy fires! Casting away all suspicion and doubt.

Nay. What have you wrought? Famine, disease, war, and death. I would have you return to your true mission! Hear Me now My; sons and daughters! I charge you now with these words; that which is holy and just, which shall be your soul’s rebirth. Be My emissaries of the Light, and with this reunite the Tribes of the Earth!

© copyright 2012-10-22 13:01:52 – All Rights Reserved


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