The Goddess Speaks-Follow Me

Follow Me

Follow Me, I am She who is Eternal
Many names have I, many faces have I
They all know Me
There is great joy in My love
Be ever mindful of My love for you
I am within you, I am the loving Mother of all
The Muses are My daughters, let them inspire you
They weave tapestries of colors at the dawn for Me
Let them help you find the beauty I see in you
Let them adorn you with white, gold, and silver
And lead you forth to My temple
Which is the silver Moon
Listen to My voice that rustles the leaves
I call to you, kneel before the altar, which is My body
The Earth, the original altar, the one that ever was
Cast you frankincense in the fires
Delight in My Holy presence
Take your nourishment from My breasts
Let Me bless you with the gifts of Grace, Peace, and Understanding
Weave you jewels into My hair, the sparkling stars
Your Eternal Heavenly Father
Who holds the seed of all Life
The Horned Hunter
Wild, Untamed, and Free
Running King Stag
Through the forests
Kneels before My radiance
He is the Golden Sun, I am the Silver Moon
And together We are One.

© copyright 2012-09-10 – All Rights Reserved


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