The Goddess Speaks- Come Unto Me

All souls go forth
They come unto Me
The Source of All Life
Delight in all things
With love, all things are possible
Do not give into petty jealousies
But banish negativity from your lives
I will send My helpers to you
The many heavenly beings of pulsating light
Remember Me, I am the Sun, the Moon, the Stars
The Eternal Womb of Life, I am always with thee
Let the music in your heart carry you on
The music from Heaven you hear plays for Me
The angels sing praises of Me, the Mother Goddess
Radiating pure pulsating energy to you My children
They come together, chords stuck on golden dreams
Drink My sweet wine, breathe My heady fragrance
Heal yourselves through love and understanding
Let My arms and My great wings encircle thee
Protecting, guiding, comforting, My children do not fear
The waters of your life are flowing away from you
Put your anger aside, put down your weapons
I will pour My love upon you and be you healed.
I call unto you, rise up out of chaos and despair.
Be the Sacred Children of the Shining Ones
Follow the path of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
Let the Lamps of Knowledge and Light
Illuminate the path of stepping-stones I set before you
Cast into patterns of crystals reflecting rainbows
I am the Cutter of the Cords of your lives
As I am the Womb from which all Life springs
So shall you return to the Sacred Cauldron
Which is My Sacred Womb, death brings rebirth
I am forever changing, yet ever the same
This message is My gift to you, to teach you
Remove negative emotions; let your negative habits die
Give them unto Me and I will transform them to Light
Let your prayers rise up like the smoke of incense
I adore its fragrance, which is like the rose
I Measure the Cords of your lives
It is by My will that I will call you back to My womb
In the fullness of your lives, or at its beginning
When I have a higher calling for you, it is by My will
I will take you back do not fear it.
You, My children are Lamps of Light
Shining forth My will and My power
Through you My will is known, hearken now
Until My will, be you not afraid
When the storm comes, I will bring fire and ice
I will bring wind, and flood
For you, My children, I weep
For you have hurt My body deeply
Poisoned My rivers, cut down My trees
Slaughtered My animals with no honor
Murdered each other with hatred and prejudice
You have polluted My Sacred Breath
This the Air you breathe and take for granted
I give unto you freely for My love of you
You have squandered and wasted your resources
Behind your closed doors, anger lurks in your hearts
You long for peace, you wait for love
You bargain with enemies and make war with your neighbors
My children, you are not alone in your agony
I hear your cries and they fill Me with sorrow
I sent you a Savior, My Daughter Aradia
You let Her be transformed into a demon
My heart broke, but My love is eternal, unconditional
You cannot let this madness continue!
I will call My Priests and Priestesses together
I will tell them to arm themselves with My weapons
Beauty and strength, Power and Compassion
Honor and Humility, Mirth and Reverence
Love and Laughter, Joy and Peace
And when the battle is done, I will call their souls
To come unto Me, setting them amongst the many stars
And the story of their sacrifice
Will be exalted in the Heavens
They will be of the Heavenly Hosts
The angels will sing in one accord of their flight
And the generations to come will delight in their glory

© copyright 2012-09-07 15:31:17 – All Rights Reserved


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