The Goddess Speaks- Children of Light

Listen well Children of the Light; as a sorrowful tale begins to unfold. Hear now the screams of the Earth our Mother. Her cries of pain as they fill the still night that which even the stars themselves shall tremble in fear. Her body torn asunder by the soulless hearts of humans.
But down from the very thrones of Heaven; arrows of justice fly swift and sure. Cutting down both beggar and king. A thousand bloody corpses in their wake. Crimson on the snow-laden ground; as the fires of retribution sweeps away the putrid stench of rotting flesh.
A silver armored figure moves slowly among them. A gleaming sword at its side. Damn be all who do not cry for absolution! Oh save us from the dark tide of destruction! Fueled by the indignancy; the figure stands silent on the blood soaked hill, raising the sword high cries out; “No mercy!”
A sudden streak of blue white light cuts the night sky and fills the sword and the armored figure with power. Enraptured by it a scream erupts from the figures throat, echoing off the mountains, the trees, the moon itself. “For the Goddess, the Old Ones, for Righteousness, and Justice!”
The sword is the weapon, and it is thrust into the heart of the people who disinigrate by the power of the blade, and dispassionate eyes. Mark you well, Children of Light; Her Law is absolute.

© copyright 2013-08-3 All Rights Reserved


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