The Angel

The Angel

In the black veil of the night
Amidst the many stars
A dark angel spread his wings before me
Took my hands in his, lifting me toward the sky
He brought me to a temple amidst the clouds
I felt an arm about my waist
Hot breath upon my neck
He dressed me in robes of scarlet and gold
Brought his massive wings around me in an embrace
Which took my breath away
Stealing my thoughts of the earth below
I am his willing captive
The stars glittered in the blackness of night
And the moon glowed o’er head
I felt his hot lips draw near
That ripped asunder my heart and soul…and left my mind
Wretched with the thoughts of forbidden desire
Engulfed in the rapture of his lust
I give myself to him in sweet surrender
Such exquisite pleasure this angel gives to me
Our passion spent, falling to each other’s arms
I find myself alone, awake in my bed
Shaken to my very core
I wonder if it had been real,
Or perchance just a dream….

© copyright 2012-09-07 15:32:14 – All Rights Reserved


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