Surrender To Truth

Surrender to Truth

In the ancient kingdoms of long ago
Speaking words of love in the ancient tongues
The languages now forgotten
How empty was her soul even now
Without him by her side
They held each other close in the dark
She felt him enter her chambers
Even when he was absent from her presence
She heard his voice in her slumber deep
And reached out her hand to him
She opened her eyes in the darkness
To find he was not there
Her soul screamed in its agony
She felt the hot tears on her face
He had her soul
Her love had been a gift she put in his hands…
Now everything seemed to be adrift
Tossing and turning on the ocean tides
Never truly knowing the reasons why
How love is a fleeting thing
Trust became hot tears of sorrow
Burrowing deep into the heart of
The vampire of long ago
What truth is this? The truth she hears.
Is there more to be told of this disturbing tale
That rips asunder heart and soul…and leaves the mind
Wretched with the thoughts of unknown emotion
Oh but for one moment he would confess his true desire
Confess a love borne of such lies and deceit
To regain his honor
Searching deep within the recesses of his own heart
That such truth should be a lantern of light to set his spirit free
The Goddess lift his soul to the Heavens, to sit at the feet of the Holy Ones
In complete surrender of that truth…

© copyright 2012-10-21 18:41:19 – All Rights Reserved


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