Sin’s Playground

I light the candle to enchant the dark
Toss fragrant flowers on the floor to chase away the gloom
Put wood on the fire to drive away the cold
I open the door allowing the icy breath of winter to enter in
As a searing heat explodes with my soul
I know my dark prince has returned to me once more
Closing the door, he wraps his arms around me
The fire crackles and pops, the flowers are wilting
His embrace is all consuming, and eflames my senses
Dark eyes drinking me in, glazed in a burning lust
I am rendered powerless for it is my soul I see reflected in their shining depths
Twin flames scorching each other in the night
Yes, my love, I whisper breathlessly as he lowers me to the floor
Ripping my clothes asunder exposing my naked flesh
He kissez me with an urgency that matches my own
His tongue seeking mine
Down my body he moves quite slowly
Leaving a trail of fire on my skin
He parts my thighs, granting me his gift
Surrendering to the heat, I take him in
Oh such sweet abandon, we can not withstand
The wind screams our names to the throne of heaven itself
In rapturous splendor I feel his sharp teeth sink into my neck
For such passion and life I have never known
I am his willing victim in this little abode
I have at last come home to sin’s playground.


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