Merging with the icy darkness
The silver moon on the rise
And sparkling snow drifting in the wind
A lone figure stands in a grove of snow laden trees, waiting.
He waits for me from a time long forgotten.
With his eyes black as coal, and frozen blue like the winter twilight.
Away in my hidden cave, I too stand neath that same silver moon
Reveling the frosty enchanted night
With black velvet skies studded with glittering diamonds.
I lift my face to the bitter wind, and I catch it.
His delicious musky scent
Its alluring power confounds my senses
I am powerless against it, I give in to wantoness
It pulls me utterly forward, burning my blood
Without hesitation, I begin to run.
Beloved of mine with his wine red lips
I remember his kisses brandishing me with a fever
A kiss that never ceased, and no other was to fulfill.
My pace quickens, sweat beading my brow
Despite the cold winter air
My blood burns within me, my.body quivering in delight.
A thousand knives peircing my soul at once.
Our bodies entwined in the deep snow
A passion filled frenzy of molten heat
Engulfing and setting aflame every cell and fiber
Our flesh collides, pulsating and sanctifying
What has been, what is, and what shall be
Behold, even the Gods look down and weep
For our oblivion complete.


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