Patchogue’s Hanging Tree

Patchogue’s Hanging Tree is almost out of the way for most people looking for a good place to hang out and wait around for a ghost sighting. For locale, fog, and energy, I’ll give it that, as this is a great spot. Folklore about the tree ranges from witch trial hangings to suicides, though historical record does not support a lot of evidence on witch hangings. The only record of a witch-hunt on Long Island is the story of Goody Garlik. She was charged here on LI but her trial was in CT.

It is a relatively peaceful spot on the Swan River (about 200 feet from Grove Avenue, which is a quiet residential road. I was born & raised right up the road from the site on Grove). The area is part of an old Hotel of the area, which dominated a good portion of Grove Avenue back in the later part of the 1800’s, which is now called 40 Acres. The end of Grove, where it meets with Clifton Drive is the site of the old Clifton Hotel & parts can be seen via the “beach” area. There was a remnant of I believe is a breaker wall. Of course its been many years since Ive been there although I used to play in the area as a teenager it had become somewhat developed. Personally, being this was the same road I lived and grew up my friends and I were frequent visitors on a daily (and nightly basis). There was dugout a fire pit that seems to encourage night visits.

I can report as a witness that Ive had the hairs on my neck stand up on end, cold spots in the middle of summer, strange whispering, shadows, lights, Ive felt presences there (whether witches, or suicide or murder victims I couldn’t tell you)

I have seen a young man hanging from that tree a few times…as well as ghostly like shapes rising up out of the creek water (behind the tree). During the day the spot is fine…. I used to sit right under it…. but at night that place comes alive….

Note from Rev. Donna…sorry folk my timeline is wrong…the hotel is from the 1900’s not the 1800’s, Im trying to find out if there had been a farm or plantation there, but info is sketchy


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