Morrigan’s Call

Morrigan’s Call

Bloody images invade my mind
I cannot see from whence they come
The sword of truth thrust into the frozen ground
Death claws at me with her icy fingers
Ravens scream at the coming dawn
Echoing through my heart like a thousand knives
Piercing my soul with their lusty cries
I can hear the distant drums of war
My feet begin to move, body swaying
Its rhythm a wild seduction of the senses
What shall become of temptation’s play?
That I should give in to the demands of naked flesh
Morrigan, I hear you calling me
Your sacred holy fire engulfs me
Scorching my mortal soul
I am Her sacred vessel and She fills me completely
I am myself no more
Behold, I am the Morrigan, Warrior Queen!

© copyright 2013-9-30


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