Morning Thoughts- All That Negativity Has Got To Go!

Soooo…this is gonna be my first serious blog post here in a long time. A long time coming actually.

I ask that you readers dont be too harsh because this post may offend some people, and their fragile sensibilities. Sounds loaded right? Well if it does then that reader has a problem. I am not ashamed of what I write. No one can make me feel guilty, and I will not allow myself for speaking the truth.

That being said; all this negativity has got to go. That whole woe is me no one understands me no one loves or cares about me Ive been so hurt shit has got to go!

If no one loved you or cared about you they wouldnt be around you. Period! They wouldnt put up with the crying, whining, bitching, and moaning about how fucked up your life is. Stop whining and start fixing it if you feel your life is just so messed up.

Chances are, you already have so many blessings and good things in your life but are in denial and spend so much time looking for fault in everyone else rather than looking within your own heart to even notice. Its such a shame to spend the day in complete misery when everyone else is happy….so rather than finding your own happiness youd rather bring everyone else around you down with you.

Anger, jealousy, bitterness, resentment; they harden the heart and rip the soul apart. The world isnt out to get you, neither are the ones closest to you.

Dont be afraid to look in the mirror and realize the actual amazing person thats reflected back.

Release the negativity, and move on.

And one final thought, DONT FORGET TO SMILE!



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