Memories of Egypt

I recall a palace of gold and lapis. The smell of Frankincense hung heavy in the air. Fires burned at all the entranceways to sacred rooms in large braziers. Statues of Hathor, Ra, Isis, Horus, Sekhmet, decorated the palace.

I recall a large pool surrounded by tall marble columns decorated with hieroglyphics, a table stood near the poor with bottles of different sizes and colors filled with oils. Rose petals, and water lily blooms floated on the surface of the water.

Three lovely maidens dressed in garments of silk and left nothing to the imagination attended the pool. A screen divided the pool from one area of the room.

I recall hearing shouts from another part of the palace. I was in the pool attended by the three maidens in silk. The voices grew louder as the shouts neared the bathing chamber.

My eunuch was standing by the screen, and went to see what the commotion was about. I remember hearing him say, “You cannot disturb the Princess in her bath my King.”

“I am your King, and I will do as I please.” Came the response.

The King pushed my eunuch aside and came to my side bending down over the pool. He did not look happy.

“I moved over to him and asked him what was amiss. He told me that I was being sent away but did not, and would not tell me why.

“But we are about to wed!” I protested, “ I love you, do not send me away!” I grabbed his arm, revealing the cobra tattoo on his forearm.

It was then I recall the sound of swords in the room beyond the bath chamber.

I heard screaming, and everything went black.

© copyright 2012- All Rights Reserved


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