Looking Through A Glass Door

Looking Through A Glass Door

Looking through a glass door
Red heat burns despite the coolness of the day
Liquid pools of desire reflected back
Time stands still as souls collide
Melting a stone cold heart
The blood races, seeking release
The mind wanders, secret dark fantasies come to life
Oh but for lips across the aching breast
A kiss like fire, and thrashing tongues that seek out each other
An embrace that fulfills destiny untold
Looking through a glass door
Beyond any mere concept of distinguishable reality
Without provocation, but with heated longing
Trying to remove the veil of mystery of lust’s burning collision
Mingling sweat between silken sheets
Blissful carnage of passion unfolds
And sweet oblivion stops time in its tracks
Naked bodies rest at the door of Heaven
Reality is a bitch, like a sharp edged sword
As it crashes down on the vision displayed
Looking through a glass door.

© copyright 2012-10-03 All Rights Reserved


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