I Am Temptation

I Am Temptation

I am temptation
Taunting you out of the doldrums of your life
Sweetest rapture under darkening skies
I want your most secret fantasies
Dripping dark and honey sweet on my tongue
Every sensation heightened with white heat
I am temptation
The searing touch you crave
Driving you mad with such forbidden thoughts
The subconscious need to be wanted
Even more by whom you cannot have
Out of fear, or some prudish upbringing
You want to resist, but you are powerless
I am temptation
You long for me that which makes your body quiver
There is nothing to do but give in to me
I am always inside of you
Demanding release of your inhibitions
Carnal pleasures with no regrets
Only the blissful oblivion of final rapture


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