Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

An overcast sky threatens lacey snowflakes
As two lovers walk hand in hand through densely snow-covered woods
Their laughter echoing through the silence
Stillness engulfs them, desire drives them
Drinking in tranquil beauty
Her long green robes billowing around her ankles
Her eyes like the pale moon’s light
His hand moves to the small of her back
Guiding her along the path
His touch burns her, a sigh escapes her lips
The cold entreats her, the secret cave of longing
His hand slowly moving inside her robe
Caressing the naked flesh beneath its elegant folds
She pauses on the path, leaning against a snow laden tree
Its branches bent with its weight
Brushing the hair from her white neck
His dark head descends, his lips a burning fire

He pulls her closer; she shivers against the cold
His embrace awakens her to a dark passion
Of which he craves to soothe his everlasting carnal fire
Quaking in his obsession for her naked body
He lowers her to the frozen ground
Tearing open her robes to expose her breasts
Bright pink nipples hardening in the icy air
Her hands reached beneath his tunic
Nails clawing his muscled skin like razor sharp knives
Ribbons of blood slowly staining its fabric
He opens her thighs to find her hidden jewel
Becoming the fire, enflaming her within
She is the ice queen that melts the release of his lust
Naked bodies entwined, the fire all consuming
The scent of their reckless abandon lingering
In the frosty stillness of the air
She rests her head on his shoulder
He pulls her robes around them

The rosy hue of dawn rushes them from whence they came
For such desire is unknown in the world they lie in
They simply fade from view
Into misty realms beyond mortal eyes
Not one shall know they loved there
But for the clearing of melted snow, and scorched earth
Where their passion had lain.

© copyright 2012-12-03 All Rights Reserved


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