Emergency Bad Weather Magick Spell

Emergency Bad Weather Magick Spell

Since we have no control over the weather (much as we like to think we can, its not nice to mess with Mother Nature), we can magick our homes against bad weather while mundanely taking the proper precautions.

1. Take all pets (and don’t forget the kids!) indoors.
2. Get a supply of batteries, water, toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, cups, and that plastic cutlery. Hey, you never know if the electric is going to go out and sometimes it can be off for days. Make sure you have a supply of non-perishable food on hand as well.
3. Keep all documents- i.e. birth certificates, social security cards, id, (etc) on hand in case of possible evacuation. Keep in a plastic bag. Also, make sure you have any meds, glasses, diapers, formula (for those with infants) and other necessary items in a safe place.
4. Have a First Aid kit available.

Ok now for the magickal part.

Place bay leaves empowered for protection in every corner of your home. Place a black candle in every room of your home (this includes basement, attic and/or garage if you have these. Make sure they are all on a sturdy surface). Have one extra on your altar. Light the central candle (which would be the one on the altar), and say:

“I light this candle for protection, Element of Fire, Protect us from this bad weather.”

Take that candle and proceed to light every other candle repeating the above. Continue until you come back to the altar. Replace the altar candle to its holder. Now visualize a ray of light connecting each candle in each room to form a web around your home.

Take a vial of Protection Oil and anoint all doors and windows with your choice of a protective sigil and say:

“By this oil, we are safe and secure from this storm.”

Again come back to the altar, raise your arms and say:

“Herb, Fire, and Oil
Bubble and Boil
Protect our land
With your unseen hand
Protect this our home
With these words from my magickal tome
Protect me and mine from harm
With power I speak this charm”

Visualize the web becoming a net of silver light over your home and property, the storm to bounce off the net. After completing the visualization seal the spell by saying;

“In no way will this spell reverse
Nor place on me any curse.
By the powers of three times three
As I will it, so shall it be!”

It is done.

Compiled from a variety of sources by Rev. Morgana RedSkye Black

© copyright 2012-09-07 16:06:37 – All Rights Reserved


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