Come Now, My Pretty

The moon is a ghostly shadow
Her face hidden by gray clouds
I walk slowly down a quiet wooded road
Dead leaves crunching at my feet
My old black leather coat flapping in the breeze
What do I see in the distance?
A dark haired beauty walking the same road!
Her sweet perfume wafting on the air
I lick my lips in delighted anticipation, I move quickly to her side.
She jumps in surprise, her eyes wide with fear.
She stares, my pale face, cold, emotionless, so old in the passing of time
Yet so young, despite my out-dated garb.
The pulse in her neck, I find so alluring
Ah, that lily-white throat, the silken skin
I reach out with my icy hand to touch her warm flesh
Oh, such delicious delight!
I catch her eyes with mine, burning her soul
“Come now, my pretty” I say
She is caught, like a little fly in a spider’s web
I look around to see no one about
She whimpers, but cannot escape
My icy blood thunders in my veins
The hunger grows, a ravenous fever
I put an arm around her tiny waist
Drawing her close, brushing her hair away from her frightened face
She is entranced all the same, still as a statue under my spell
Bending her head back, I whisper in her ear.
“Come now, my pretty. Fill me up,”
I grab a fistful of that dark hair and let the spell break
Her screams of terror fill the quiet night.
Echoing off the trees, and the broken lamp at the corner of the road
I smile revealing sharp white teeth
My mouth descends on that white throat, piercing the flesh sublime
Her warm blood races through me like fire!
Filling every fiber and dead cell in me, to my very core
“Come now, my pretty,” I say again, as I lower her corpse to the ground
“You are my rapturous delight!”

© copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved


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