A Visit From The God

I took a walk in a forest one night; while I did so I happened upon a scene I will never forget.

A man, far too handsome to be mortal, yet seemingly so played a drum at the mouth of a cave. I really didn’t mean to spy but I couldn’t help myself. I hid behind a tree.

The rhythm was so enticing, what else could I do as I felt the blood rise within my breast? I began to dance.

“Come out!” I heard a voice say. I peeked around the tree to see Him glancing in the direction of where I hid.

Slowly I approached Him as He continued the rhythm on the drum. He wore some kind of animal skin on His body. A body that I swore was cut from the finest stone, and fashioned like a God.

He gazed up at me and I felt my knees grow weak.

“What brings you here?” He asked, His voice rich and low.

“I heard your music,” was all I could say.

He said not a word but continued to beat out the same rhythm. I felt so lost, and then suddenly aware of myself, that I was not good enough to stand in His presence.

I saw the sweat dripping from His body, even though the air was quite cool. I was mystified, and totally enthralled.

Suddenly, I spun myself around, feeling ugly and small. The drumming stopped, I felt hot breath on my neck.

“What are you so afraid of?” He asked, putting a strong arm around my waist.

“Myself I think,” I answered.

“Why? Do you not know how beautiful you are?”

“Should I? I have been ridiculed most of my life.”

He turned me around to face Him, oh those eyes! A cross of dark earth and leafy green. They were mesmerizing! I was powerless to look away.

He said to me then, “Dearest heart, you are that which I adore. We are halves of the same spirit. Do you not know that?”

“No!” I pushed him away finding my strength, “Man has never paid me any mind, and neither have you! How could I know? How can I believe what you say is true?”

He stood tall, great horns suddenly appeared seemingly out of no where on his head, and a great sword appeared in His hand. Was this the ancient magick I had read about in the scrolls?

“My Daughter, You are the Goddess I serve. I lay My crown, and My sword at your feet to adore You Who Are The Mother of All Life! Once I was your Son, your Lover, your Mate, and at times, even your Father.

I who am the Lord of the Hunt, the Field and Forest. I who am the Willing Sacrifice, and the Harvest. So you are the Queen of Heaven, the Maiden Huntress, the Mother of Life, and the Wise Crone of the Crossroads.”

I felt the wind stir at His word, and my own clothes faded into a white tunic and a silver crescent appeared on my brow. I am the Goddess incarnate. I am alive! I have never left this place…merely forgotten it for a time.

So He knelt at My feet and took a hand in His…. We spoke the ancient words, and lay upon the forest floor…but that is a story for another time.

© copyright 2012-10-22 17:55:48 – All Rights Reserved


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