A Vampire’s Tale

A Vampire’s Tale

Standing alone in the shadows
Restless leaves blowing gently at my feet
Under the pale moon’s light, a fair-haired beauty comes on by
Unaware my presence standing near
The tantalizing scent of her sweet perfume
Wafts softly on the summer breeze
Quickens my icy blood with anticipation
Silently I move to her, she looks at me as if surprised
A smile plays on my lips, she begins to hasten her step.
I smell her sudden fear, and unable to bear no more
I reach out with my cold white hands to take her
Away from the road she traveled on
It is so pointless to struggle my dear!
Her cries fill me with such delight I can barely contain myself
I incline my head for her last kiss that is mine alone
Oh those sweet lips that taste of wine!
My tongue colder than ice itself follows the line of her jaw
I find her neck, and she trembles in terror
Sharp white teeth descend into her skin
Her body growing limp in my embrace
I feel her blood searing through my veins
Sending ripples of pleasure into my body
Her beauty slowly fades as Death lends his hand
I drink my fill, lowering her to the ground
I look up with her blood so red dripping slowly from my lips
The rosy hue of dawn approaches!
Time has come to me to slumber deep
That is till the next little beauty comes along
Such is the life of a vampire
But that is a tale better left untold.

© copyright 2012-10-24 14:53:50 – All Rights Reserved


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