A Mother’s Bond


I was having a discussion with my friend Jennifer in her facebook group the Sacred Spiral. As she explained the significance of the numbers 8 and 0 I had pulled the Spiritual Union card from the Psychic Oracle deck. In the card two people are touching foreheads and an oblong red “light” is seen between them. I often do this with Amber (the older of our 6 yr old twins) and we say the line from Avatar “I see you”. I realize that at her age she doesnt understand what I mean but despite being a Libra she is an EXACT copy of me in her personality. Stubborn, opinionated, and can dole out the sarcasm sometimes at the perfect moment to send me into a fit of hysterical laughing.

Amber and I seem to share the same thoughts although on two different levels (think Maiden and Mother/Crone aspects of the Goddess). There (as the card suggests) IS an even amount of energy exchange between us and a bond with her that I just dont share with others in the family unit.

Kinda hard to explain.

Having a spiritual union doesnt always indicate the bond between a husband and wife but sometimes between parent/child, siblings, or even friends.


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