Modern Day Slavery

There is a new slavery.

Im not speaking of slavery as defined by the way of ancient times in ownership of another person, child labor, or even sexual slavery.

I am refering to a new kind of slavery that in retrospect; isnt a new idea. A modern and more insidious kind of slavery.

Human beings are slaves to violence. Slaves to modern day technology. Slaves to greed and corruption. The list just goes on and on.

We see it everyday in the media,  the internet, the government, and worse yet in our own communities.
It pits families against each other, leaders against the people. Nations cry out but their cries of protest go unheard. Children are murdered in the streets, and mothers weep for their loss, does anyone even care, no.

Women are robbed unmercifully of their humanity, and men glorify their prowess of power and control. Does anyone step up to the plate to end the barbarism of mutilating a woman’s sexual organs? No.

Lacking any reasonable intelligence we have become the very thing that we despise; animals.

Even they the beasts of the earth; the bear, the wolf, those that walk on land, crawl, fly, and swim are far more civilized than we are in human society.

We have become lessed based. We are slaves to material, and superfical things.

We are instruments of our own destruction.

Welcome to the era of modern day slavery.

Till next time.

Xoxo Rev. Donna Mulvey


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