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Tarot - Heart Chakra

Our card for today, Monday, May 26th, is taken from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck – 4 – Heart Chakra – Key Facts – Color: Green, Sound: Yam, Element: Air, Gland: Thymus. Key Words: “I love”.

4 symbolizes: Dependability, sincerity, honesty, patience, integrity, structure, stagnation, repressive, and limitation.

The black border symbolizes: Power, authority, potential, protection, questions, unknown, overwhelmed, rear and unhappiness.

Green symbolizes: healing, balance, nurturance, fertility, renewal, learning, harmony, growth, and envy.

The heart chakra sits parallel to our heart. The heart chakra is the middle chakra with the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras below, and the throat, third eye and crown chakras above. It is the center of unconditional love, empathy and compassion.

It is this center that has been expanding more and more with the increase in light energy flooding our planet at this time. This expansion can be felt in the…

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