Blue Flame of Hope

The Blue Flame of Hope
Mother Mary through Linda Dillon

This is a guided meditation from Mother Mary wherein she is passing
and giving us her miraculous Blue Flame of Hope. Please do it and pass
it on. xxx

Breathe blue diamond and feel like you have lifted or ripped opened
the cellophane wrap of the sky and a million stars of blue diamond are
falling down glistening in every color and entering your crown and
filling you and covering your skin with magnificent unique snowflakes.
Feel that blue diamond caress your pituitary and pineal and fill the
fissures and crevices of your brain and bring it down into your throat
and central column and feel that energy of Mary overshadow you and
fill you… now take another deep breath of blue and as we have been
taught write Mary in the air in front of you and breathe it in and
bring it into your heart and again.. Great big letters and breathe it
in again. Now on the 3rd time I want you write Mary and push it out to
the entire planet, to the room you are in, your neighborhood, your
state, your country, the entire planet – let’s go. whoosh it out!

Greetings I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope and Mother of
Change – Mother of Love. I come this day to elicit your help children
– friends and daughters, sisters of my heart. Never has my flame, my
blue flame of Hope, burned so brightly upon this planet of Gaia. It is
ignited by the hearts of each one of you – and that is how it is built
and that is how it is carried. It is the Blue Flame that Michael
carries in his Strategic Peace Initiative that goes so well in
anchoring peace upon the planet.

Many of you have looked around in the past several weeks and thought
that the chaos was overwhelming and in fact overtaking the Light and
wondering personally whether you had lost or relinquished hope – but
that it is not so. It is because of this torch of hope that is passed
heart to heart to heart – it is because the flame of Light, the beacon
that you hold so clearly that the Shift is clearly underway – and that
you are able to see with clarity and prudence and temperance, and, the
ability to stand back and watch. You are seeing the Shift in action my
children and you are beginning to see the fulfillment of the promise
that I have made to you long ago. Out of the old, out of the
destruction of all paradigms, based on false grids emerges the new of
truth, the new of hope, the new of Love, the new of you – the Nova
Being of Nova Earth dancing on the blue light, spinning on the golden
spiral, creating with the essence of your being.

I come and ask you each one of you to step in right now into my
inferno of blue, into my torch and flame of blue hope. I invite you
and I hold out my arms, I invite you because in this action is the
destruction of despair – the elimination of false vision, the
revelation of your own – and my – plan of unfoldment. Come forward
now, see me as simply a flame of blue, step into me children and do so
now. Pause and do so…

I encircle each one of you with my wrap of red, of vitality and wisdom
and the eternal feminine. Now allow the blue flame within your own
heart to grow and match and mirror mine – come with me as we join as
one. Pause and do so…

Now step as your own brilliant blue flame of hope and see yourself
giving this first to your family, each one of them deserves this gift,
do so in love now. Now give it to your colleagues, your neighbors,
your community and ask each being that you give it to pass it on. And
now give it to Africa, to South America, to Central America, to
Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, India,
and Pakistan. Let us ignite the world together in this unity of One,
in this unity of hope. Pause and do so…

Hope is the key to creation, Love is the fuel – it is the essence from
which all emanates – but hope is the spark that ignites even the
slightest prayer, the belief that creation and change is possible –
without hope there is nothing. And it is free and it is my gift and I
invoke you, and I ask you, I challenge you – light up my world now.
Pause and do so…

I ask you to do this not only during your Sunday night meditation of
peace but throughout this period of change that is emanating in your
country of the USA and that has impact throughout. I ask you to keep
this flame going – to share it everybody for the next 2 months. In
hope is calm certainty. In hope is the faith of knowing – the knowing
that help is on the way – the knowing of fulfillment, the knowing of
miracles. When hope thrives there is no doubt there is no despair. I
entrust this to you my beloved ones – you have never let me down – and
I will never let you down. The ancient promises we have to each other
come forth at this time so hold the trust, hold the hope – and laugh
and play and dance – I am with you. Farewell.


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