Compassionate Goddess

Just beautiful

Goddess In Creation

Soaring spirit… needs to have roots deep in soil the of Mother Earth and hearts of fellow travelers. We have been given an instrument to experience this life, our body. Body that connects us to Divine, to mundane, to hearts to others and to our Divine Mother. But like any other instrument we need to know how to handle this delicate vessel we are given to rise up to each given occasion.

I feel my spirit has taken off and is really soaring high in this moment of my life. I have pushed reset-button with my life, unintentionally, and now everything is fresh and new. New me. I will create myself anew. Defining myself anew. It is only possible from having been so loved by my friends. They have filled my cup so overflowing that I am because of that healed and better person.

I have been able to grow…

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