Good Day Dear Readers!

Its another chilly wet day here in Ridge, NY. Another day of laundry, cleaning, and endless thoughts running through my head. Today its movies. I adore horror movies, tv shows from the 70’s ( I remember Little House on the Prairie and Isis specifically), suspense thrillers. Because we don’t have cable tv we utilize our local library for dvds and I found a cute movie called “Beastly with Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer, and Neil Patrick Harris (remember him as a kid in Doogie Howser?) , and Mary-Kate Olsen.

Alex plays Kyle; a shallow, spoiled and even obnoxious high school prince. Mary-Kate who’s acting ability in my opinion sucks plays a witch of all things laughs and is Kyle’s recent target for humiliation. The tables turn when fed up with his popularity and taunts Kendra (Mary-Kate) casts a spell on him. Within the spell is the clause (supported by the tree tattoo on his arm, which changes as the season changes. He has one year to find someone to say “I love you”. Interesting enough he is changed from a cute blonde high school guy to a tattooed and scarred and ahem bald young man. She tells him that he is ugly on the outside as he is on the inside and now has a year to find someone to love him or stay that way forever. Sure no pressure!

The last person he expects to find himself falling in love with as the “monster” is the quiet and unnoticed classmate Lindy (played by Vanessa Hudgens). To his surprise he even learns to care about other people instead of himself through his blind tutor (played by NPH), and his father’s housekeeper.

Personally I found the movie (while badly acted by a couple of people) extremely cute! NPH did a fabulous job as usual with his rather candid sense of humor that was supposed to be written as sarcasm. While Hollywood again did a terrible job at portraying who Witches really are it brings to mind the ol story of “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Kendra’s lesson on Kyle despite his protests and pleas for help to her to end the curse before the year was up proved to be quite on the edge of my seat as I couldn’t wait to find how Kyle was going to win Lindy’s heart without scaring her off. I thought Kyle looked pretty cool myself with the tree tattoos over his body and what appeared to be fresh scars on his face.

The film itself was silly and a bit drawn out badly acted in spots but it did prove to be a brilliant thought. A young man had to prove not only to Kendra, but more to himself that there is no such thing as ugly love.


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