The Goddess In Me- The Menopausal Years

Merry Meet Dear Readers,

Yesterday was just plain awful. Everything just made me cry. I sat here and thought about the drastic changes my body is now undergoing. I cant begin to describe the emotional outbursts, the bloating, the cramping as I discovered my moon cycle decided to show up two weeks early.

I didnt expect menopause to be an easy transition from Mother to Crone, nor did I expect to cry at every little annoyance either.

As a Witch you would think I would use some magick or meditation to help me with the mood swings, the hot flashes, cold sweats, and even my nightmares which of late are just downright weird but no not me *laughs*

I did have some thoughts (not sure if they were just my own thoughts or whether the Goddess was trying to speak to me) but I kept hearing

This too, is a part of Me

When I think of the Crone Goddess I often relate to her as a terrifying hag from children’s stories

You know the kind I mean. Its certianly not meant to be insulting to the Goddess of course. Perhaps its just left over from my upbringing as a child, perhaps not. I know the Crone is not someone to fear, that she is just another aspect of the Goddess I serve; I just don’t know if I’m ready to take up the mantle of Crone in my own life.

*Laughs* Obviously the Goddess and my own biological clock says otherwise. I can no more stop it from happening than I can stopping time itself.

I am merely afraid of growing old even though I shouldnt be. Then the Goddess stands before me as the Crone with her graying hair, her dark robes, her face etched with lines, with the waning silver crescent on her brow and she says to me;

As you are within Me, so I am within you. You are Goddess. So begins your new journey. Embrace it, and be joyful.

And so, the Goddess remains. A steadfast force in my life. Forever. That was the oath I made. The Crone is also like the Maiden and Mother before her; The Goddess in me.


2 thoughts on “The Goddess In Me- The Menopausal Years

  1. I love what you wrote & so understand. I had a total hysterectomy in July 2012 so I have been going through forced menopause. So much fun….. Not!!!! I had just started the beginnings of the blessed menopause before the surgery due to problems w/ my ovaries. I’m 39 but have had female issues my whole life. I so understand where you are coming from. I am also a pagan eclectic witch & I’m trying to come to terms w/ the approaching crone years myself. If you ever need a friend/sister in menopause please feel free to write to me. My email is or


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