The Pagan Tarot Part 11 The Hanged Man

Good Day Dear Readers and Merry Meet!

What a fabulous day here in Ridge, NY! It’s going to about 70 degrees today, already the temps are in the 50’s around Long Island. Everything is turning green! The trees are starting to bud, my violets are already blooming and spreading everywhere. I don’t know if I mentioned this in another post but we finally after 4 years got a car! YAY! Suffice to say this will open up more doors for us and hopefully improve our living situation.

Now for the Morning Thoughts of the Day.

The Pagan Tarot Part 11 The Hanged Man

This is not your ordinary Hanged Man card! The young woman continues her spiritual journey by getting ready for her initiation which I goofed on as this was supposed to be the card BEFORE Death. My bad.

Two women are helping her by one tying her hands behind her back while the other has blindfolded her and adjusts her hood. Off in the distance we see the ritually clad coven from the Death card with their torches.

This is the card of self-sacrifice and enduring it as a part of the initiation. The recent trails and tribulations of self-sacrifice fill one with a sense of well-being, and peace. More importantly; Fulfillment.

A spiritual fulfillment that we cannot otherwise find for ourselves without surrendering ourselves to the higher power.

Key Words- peace, self-sacrifice, initiation, fulfillment

Key Phrase- If that which you seek you cannot find within yourself you will never find it without surrendering to Me.

Again I apologize for the lack of pictures! Have a great day! xoxox


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