The Pagan Tarot Part 9 Justice

The Pagan Tarot Part 9 Justice

For those of you readers just joining this series of blogs please remember that these divinatory meanings for this deck are strictly mine. They are my impressions and views of the Pagan Tarot deck and what they mean to me.

I also would like to apologize for the lack of pictures for this series of blogs; my internet signal is not cooperating the way I would like it. I will add photos at a later date.

Justice- Here we see the young woman of the deck sitting at a desk flanked by what appears to be a High Priest holding a scale and having one hand on her shoulder while a High Priestess holds what appears to be a Book of Shadows. Clearly as the young woman touches the book we can see the words “Law of Threefold Return”. This in itself should be self explanatory; often its not.

This is where I often have issues as a Wiccan (being Eclectic has nothing to do with this). If someone broke into your home and held you at gunpoint wouldn’t you do everything you could both mundanely to protect yourself and those you love? Would you really abide by that law just to save yourself karmic retribution? Would you sit idly by while someone deliberately hurt your family? I know I wouldn’t.

I don’t always go by the traditional meaning of the Justice card, which indicates the literal term of justice and court battles. I also believe it means being personally responsible for your own actions. In the stead that if someone did break into your home and you did whatever you had to do to survive the invasion then we are karmically justified and the threefold law does stay in tact. The law of return does NOT indicate deliberately doing nothing to protect those and ourselves we love. It does not mean to be stupid and/or a wimp.

Key Words- threefold law, justice, karma, can indicate time in court (depending on the surrounding cards).

Key Phrase- I am responsible for my own actions and not the actions of another.


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