The Pagan Tarot Part 10 Death

The Pagan Tarot Part 10 Death

Today’s card from the Pagan Tarot Deck is Death. This is a fascinating card to me because unlike other Tarot decks where Death is represented by a ‘grim reaper’ figure this one has ritually clad people holding torches while one blindfold’s the young woman. From her hand springs a large monarch butterfly and in her other hand appears to be a wand of some sort.

It appears to be some kind of initiation in which case this would mean the death of one self. Meaning the death of your old life and you are reborn into a new one. We often go through these transformations in the Craft whether dedications, or our first degree, etc.

The butterfly representing new life and messages from the divine. The wand is focusing and directing power. This card does not represent death in the literal sense. It is more a spiritual death. The death of old outworn modes of thinking and learning to be replaced with the new. It is a spiritual rebirth.

Key words- death, spiritual rebirth, moving on, transformation, and spiritual journey

Key Phrase- I am reborn in the Goddess


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