Today’s Rant

In reference to yesterday’s blog on gender roles in Wicca; a woman left me a comment and I had to laugh.

One thing I should point out when reading blogs or websites in general (ok so several things I feel the need to point out); they are (the blogs) a reflection of a person’s personal views, opinions, and traditions. They will NOT always reflect the general population so not everyone will agree.

It is fine to debate something one does not agree on but please be respectful! Just because we don’t agree on the blog or whatever informational website you are reading doesn’t make the material wrong for the person who wrote it because as I stated before it is a reflection of the writer.

Second- I feel there is NO wrong or right way to practice the Craft (although more Traditional Wiccans and Pagans will disagree there that’s fine too).

Thirdly- this is my blog. It is an expression of what I’ve learned about Wicca, Witchcraft over the years. It is a journal of my life at times as a Witch, Mother, and a Woman. Unless otherwise stated the material is mine. It is my opinions, views and expressions. I cannot speak for everyone out there in web land I can only SHARE with the public I’ve learned over the years. If I say something to offend someone or if my information is incorrect (for whatever reason) by all means please comment on the blog and I will respond.

Remember if you are going to be a part of the internet and you take serious offense to a post on someone’s website you don’t have to be rude about it and perhaps you should examine your own judgments and how you see people.

Blessed Be xoxoxox


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