Gender Roles In Wicca?

I received an email from my niece asking me for help on a paper she’s writing for
School. The topic? Cultural diversity in Wicca. She wanted to know if there were any differences in the roles of men and women. Like are there things that a man couldn’t do vs a woman.

This whole email sparked this post. I had mentioned I couldn’t speak for everyone. Being
Eclectic Wicca I’m sure there are going to be those of more Traditional denominations of Wicca that may differ on the subject.

Frankly I do not believe there are any differences other than the roles of High Priest where the male represents the Gods in our Esbats and Sabbats and the High Priestess where the female represents the Goddess in the same.

Take the Sabbat of Beltane for instance:

Probably the most memorable and obvious symbol of Beltane is the May Pole. A phallic symbol, it represents the male regenerative force in nature, and is used to show the Sacred Union between the Goddess and God that takes place at this time. The pole represents the God of course, and the earth represents the Goddess. Red and white were the traditional colors of the ribbons on the pole, and there are different explanations for them, one being that they represent the male semen and the female menstrual blood, and are a reminder that this is a “game” that only men and women enjoy, and is not for children. The other is that the red and white represent the two fluids that women safely give, milk and blood, of which men are in awe.

There are Traditions or even covens within Wicca who observe the Goddess only and are comprised entirely of women excluding the male entirely like Dianic Wicca.

In what many would refer to as a patriarchal society with diverse Christian values it becomes easy to see why women would find it so easy to identify with a female deity. After all; what would a man know of being a woman? Today; with the rise of men discovering and identifying with their own Goddess within and can still remain “masculine” there are many men in Wicca who assume the ancient role of Son/Lover/Consort/Sage of the Gods to the Goddess.
An interesting article I found on the web comes from and the link below. It is worth the read.

Another good site too;

Till next time dear readers, Blessed Be! xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “Gender Roles In Wicca?

    • As I said in the post “I cannot speak for everyone but only of what I’ve learned”; I’ve concluded there isnt a difference EXCEPT for the High Priest and High Priestess in their roles as representatives of the Gods and Goddess. I never said a woman could NOT use a sword in ritual; if she so chooses that is her choice (I myself do not use one). Nor have I eliminiated polarity. The Great Marriage shows that. Also, a man CAN drawn down the moon it just traditional for him to draw down the sun rather than the moon which is traditionally reserved for women. Thank you for stopping by and many blessings!


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