The Strangest Dream I’ve Ever Had

Good Day Dear Readers and Merry Meet!

This morning I’ve decided to skip my usual post of the pagan Tarot and my impressions of it to bring you the strangest dream I’ve ever had. Before I begin let me give you a little background on my dream life.

I always dream in vivid color. They always contain certain elements such as a source of water (ie a pond, rain, snow, a flood, etc), sex, and/or vampires. I’m always both a participant and a spectator in my dreams, and always they don’t allow me any rest but leave me shaken and exhausted throughout the day where I end up functioning at a zombie like level.

This particular dream however did not contain water unless you count the bathroom (ie toilet has water, and the sink). Let me explain….

I dreamt I was at work (I work at a cemetery and my co-workers are predominately male, my husband also works there).

Everything was going fine until this band of men came in with automatic weapons dressed in some kind of military uniform none of us recognized. They took us all hostage and hustled us all into the large break room.

The leader of these men commanded four of his men to take me and my husband and hold us at gun point. One man took my arms and twisted my arms behind my back while the other held the gun to my head.

The leader then commanded me to strip and put on this negligee. I was flaming red but was told if I didn’t comply they would kill my husband. Embarrassed I took off my clothes after the man let my arms free and put on the nightgown.

I looked at him and said, “Ok so you got me dressed up is that where your plan ends?”

He laughed, “Is there a more private place we can go?”

I stood there quietly for a moment watching my husband who stood motionless and made no attempt to rescue me from my assailants. I looked around the room at my co-workers who were wide-eyed with fear for me. I caught the eyes of only one of my co-workers who nodded his head ever so slightly. I looked back at my husband and lifted my pentacle pendant so it dangled and he could clearly see it to say “in perfect love and perfect trust.”

I extended my hand to the leader, and led him to the bathroom.

This part is completely fuzzy to me. I didn’t actually see what went on in the bathroom but I did return a short time later.

This is where I was both a participant and spectator. Read this carefully because it’s a bit confusing even to me.

I walked slowly back into the break room. Alone. Amidst the oohs and ahhss from my co-workers. My gaze was only for the men who held my husband and the rest of the band of (for lack of a better word) insurgents.

I looked down at my feet suddenly feeling something dripping on them and discovered I was covered in blood. I saw it, I smelled it, I even tasted it on my lips. I heard the men in the room whispering.

“Look at her eyes!”

“What the hell happened?”

“That’s not her”.

Then I saw myself. My gown was bloody, my hair disheveled, and my ordinarily blue eyes were black as coal. This wasn’t me. I was cold, calculating, in a word…I felt powerful.

I moved mechanically forward. My husband recoiled from the sight of me despite his bonds. I lifted my head back and screamed that reverted off the walls.

I looked at the men who held him.

“Your leader is dead. Let my man go or his will not be the only blood in my mouth.”

Those were the last words I heard and the dream ended. Suffice to say I don’t have a clue what it means. Im still not over it yet so I’m gonna go for now and have some more tea. Blessed Be till next time dear readers. xoxox


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