The Pagan Tarot Part 8 The Wheel

The Pagan Tarot Part 8 The Wheel

Good Day Dear Readers and Merry Meet!

I do apologize for the lack of photo for this post; I couldn’t find one!

The card is depicted as a woman working on what appears to be a computer program for astrology. It is suggested in Barbara Moore’s “The Gilded Tarot Companion for her version of the Wheel card “Be aware of using the cycles of the wheel to neglect personal responsibility. Keep in mind the things that are within your control and do not blame circumstances for mistakes that are truly your own.” Yes indeed! I think that’s pretty safe to say for any wheel card of any Tarot deck. How many of us actually do blame ourselves for mistakes? Its just so much easier to blame other people; even outside forces.

Karma and destiny play key roles in the Wheel card. Changes in fortune usually loom in the distance and approach us rather cautiously (at times) then slam-dunk us with events that may not work out in our favor. It is inevitable, that the Wheel turns on.

Key Phrase- I am in charge of my own destiny.

Key words- change of fortune, luck, responsibility, karma, destiny


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