Today’s Rant- Problem Neighborhood Kids

Good Afternoon Dear Readers!

   This blog is going to be a rant I’m sorry to say. I am pretty annoyed at the lack of parental guidance and supervision in my apt. complex. We have some new folk living behind us and they have a six year old son. Well in babysitting my g/f’s twin boys today I saw two other little boys walking with him but Nick was yelling at one of them to stop cursing at him. Naturally my ears went up. I asked him what was wrong and he told me. The young boy in question took off. That was when my boys; Joey (13) and Aaron (9) told me where he lived. So I went knocking on the door which was answered by a very large black man. I introduced myself as “Rev so and so and I’m here to talk to you about your son who has been cursing at my kids and threatened one of them with a beebe gun”.

Well dad apparently was annoyed with his kids because the boy was yelling at him before he even opened the door and we clearly heard the dad yelling back at him what did you do now? So apparently this was not the first time.

The question in my mind is why arent you supervising a six year old child outside in a complex where you know drugs are being sold (not in my area and the local rif-raf KNOWS not to even step their feet near my side of the complex for obvious reasons).

Even now as I sit here typing this the same kid threatens another neighborhood kid that my kids are playing with! Naturally I had to go out there again and take him to his dad. This time I told him do NOT step foot in front of my house again.

So twice I returned this child to his parent and the kid is still outside. Sorry but get off the pot and discipline your child! I’m not saying dad is smoking pot I just mean get off his ass lol. Ground him, take away tv rights or something.

This is not a neighborhood where your child shouldnt be at the very least kept an eye on. We do have a few trouble makers and we deal accordingly.

I am tempted to take my wand out and ZAP the kid!

Yes yes dear readers I know we mustn’t harm; especially children but sometimes we must protect our own. Thankfully no one has been hurt but what’s going to happen to others when this kid gets older? Who’s going to stop him in the future? The police? Another bully? His parents? Goddess only knows.

In that stead; I feel sorry for the future of America with kids like him around.


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