The Pagan Tarot Part 7 The Hermit

The Pagan Tarot Part 8 The Hermit

Good Day Dear Readers and Merry Meet! The day begins like any other here at Rev. Morgan’s house with one exception. After 4 years of not having a car we finally got one! Hubby was so excited to drive to work for once lol In other news our 6 year anniversary is coming up on the 12th and my birthday (44! OMG!!) on the 23rd yea things are going to be busy here the next few days.

Sorry for the delay in this post; my wireless signal has been pretty crappy so I’m a bit behind lol. I’m hoping now that we have a car it will open other opportunities. Anyway, the Hermit Card in the Pagan Tarot deck is fascinating to me. We see the young woman buried under a mountain of books, and papers as she sits at a desk engrossed in her work. This is where (and myself included has at times fallen victim to this) one becomes a sponge and absorbs knowledge. It is so easy to get oneself lost in the process forsaking all else for the pursuit of it.

It is necessary to keep a balance. Pay attention to your dreams.

Key Phrase- beware of becoming too withdrawn
Key words- knowledge, wisdom, learning, teachers,


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