Crystal Protection

Crystal Protection
Rev. Knighthawk and Rev. Morgan

Rev. Knighthawk and I worked at a local thrift store a few years ago. We were able to purchase various items we feel would be of use in magick (sometimes we get the occasional wand in or a book that someone actually donates) and of course these are cleansed, consecrate, and empowered for our use.

Rev. Knighthawk had found some old crystal bead strings. You know the strings of ornamentals that hang from chandeliers, not the glass or even quartz crystals mind you but the crystal that they make glasses and such from. Well I took a few, soaked them in hot soapy water first, then took them to my altar and cleansed, consecrated and empowered them for protection and hung them from white thread and hung them from a window (yes we I did going every window in the apartment).

You can do the same and even add other beads. You can also add ordinary colored beads (just cleanse, consecrate, and empower for use); green to bring prosperity in the home, brown for security, pink for love, etc and adding other little charms. Using wire of course is ideal (I found yarn too thick for the project and doesn’t look right to me but feel free to experiment).

I have to tell you that it looks so cool when the morning sun hits them sending little spots of light around the window. If you have a local thrift store in your area, check them out, you might be pleasantly surprised in what you find there.


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