How This Witch Got Started

Its late afternoon here in Ridge, NY and with the twins napping I started watching the movie The Craft (well I like it lol), then I started thinking how I got started in Witchcraft and Wicca.

When I was about 8 years ol my paternal grandmother (the heart and soul of our family) died. The night before she appeared to me in a dream and said she loved me. I never told my parents. Since then I was able to see her and not just her but others like her as well. Spirits I learned later on as I grew older. As I child I thought they were just real people and didnt know they were deceased. I found out as I entered puberty I could talk to them as well.

In 5th grade I had to do a school paper on the Salem Witch Trials; I found it fascinating how a group of kids could make a whole town live in fear. Was it paranoia, hatred of the strict upbringing, brainwashing?? Who knows but whatever they did they did it with a vengence that knew no bounds. To me; that was fascinating.

Later on in Jr High School with the onset of my moon cycle things were just decidely different. The kids I grew up with and counted as friends suddenly were the bullies that would haunt me for years. Ive been kicked, slapped, punched, had my locker glued shut, books knocked out my hands etc. I felt not withdrawn but damn pissed off. I was a book worm. I read everything it didnt matter what. Anything to escape the real world.

Eventually those books led me to Witchcraft. I did what every young Witch does I suppose. Eventually I bought my first Tarot deck at a local stationary store in my home town. I was 15.   I was so engrossed with my new discovery. I read, I studied, I practiced.

Kind of ironic coming from a Lutheran background but then as I engulfed myself over the years on my path I also learned its  not so ironic. A lot of people come to it from a Christian based background.

At 17 I decided I was going to stay this way and learned I was pregnant. Unforunately thats all I’m going to say about being 17. Further on in my 20’s I picked up a book from the library Drawing Down the Moon by Margreat Murray. I loved it. I was about 21 and discovered Wicca.

That book launched me into all sorts of other topics that I set aboout teaching myself. This in the time before the internet and authors like Silver RavenWolf came into play. When the 1990’s finally rolled around I was married to my first husband and had a beautiful baby girl.

I’m sure some of you already know its not easy to mix religions. My daughter is now 19 and dad and I divorced a long time ago lol and not over religion.

I counted myself as Eclectic Solitary Wiccan. Have been for many years now. Ive been a daughter, a sister, a mother and a Priestess. It was my unfolding destiny as a child to see grams in her guise as guardian spirit that led me here. I still see her from time to time.  Mostly on Samhain if I will it hard enough.

Would I change anything good or bad? Not a chance. I enjoy everything about my life. I’m happy in the choices I’ve made. I am in charge of the destiny still to come.


4 thoughts on “How This Witch Got Started

    • Good morning honey! Thank you so much I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. Question- are you having any problems loading my site on your end? Wishing you a fabulously magickal day! BB! xoxox


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