Fey Folk Honoring Ritual

This is the month of oak, and a time of year when the devas and fairies seem to be awakening in the earth. Honoring the fey folk is a great way to bring blessings upon your home. The oak-tree nymphs who dwelt within oak trees were called hamadryads in ancient times. To honor one, go to an old oak in your neighborhood. Fairies and other nature spirits love gifts of all kinds. Something naturally beautiful and biodegradable is especially welcome— for instance fruit, flowers or herbs, a bit of fresh bread or cake, some nuts or seeds, or some milk, mead, or wine offered as a libation. After you make your offering, sit against the tree, close your eyes, and offer thanks for the tree’s shade, strength, and beauty. Don’t be surprised if you see a hamadryad out of the corner of your eye, shyly thanking you.

By: Ruby Lavender


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