Faery Oils

Fairy Oils

Dryad Oil
musk (main scent)
oakmoss (minor scent)
civet (trace)
vanilla (trace)
An excellent blend for pursuing the arts of natural magick, this preparation was specially designed for contacting the elemental spirits of the earth.

Faerie Enchantment Oil
10 drops rose
5 drops thyme
1 drop evening primrose oil

Faerie Fire Oil
1 garnet, crushed
1 dram dragon’s blood oil
coriander seeds
1 dram almond oil
Warm all ingredients in an enamel pan on low heat. Allow to cool in a clear, white or aqua-coloured bottle.

Faery Flower Oil
1 dram elder oil
1 few dried rosebuds
1 dram lavender oil
Warm slowing in an enamel saucepan. Let cool. Pour into magick bottles and use in spellwork and ritual anointing.

Faerie Fire Oil #2
(useful in contacting Faeries connected with the Fire element: Will o’ the wisps, Flame Dancers, etc.)
1/4 oz. almond oil
12 drops peach oil
5 drops ylang ylang
4 drops new-mown hay oil
4 drops dark musk
2 drops chamomile
2 drops poppy oil
2 drops dragons blood oil
chamomile flowers

Gnome’s Cap Oil
(useful in contacting Faeries connected with the Earth element: Gnomes, Dwarfs, etc.)
1/4 oz. almond oil
10 drops cypress e.o.
5 drops lilac oil
25 drops Siberian fir oil
10 drops dark musk oil
2 drops narcissus oil
fir needles
tiger’s eye

Gossamer Wings Oil
(useful for contacting Faeries connected with the Air element: Sylphs, Elves, etc.)
1/4 oz. almond oil
12 drops violet oil
20 drops lavender oil
10 drops lemon oil
5 drops cajeput oil
lavender buds
clear quartz

Siren Song Oil
(useful in contacting Faeries connected with the Water element: Undines, Naiads, Sirens, etc.)
1/4 oz. almond oil
4 drops lavender
15 drops camphor oil
3 drops lemon
3 drops primrose oil
3 drops rose geranium
geranium petals
rose buds

Faery Magick Oil
1/4 oz. almond oil
11 drops violet
10 drops gardenia
7 drops lemon grass
7 drops lemon
7 drops rose geranium
7 drops jasmine
7 drops ylang ylang
5 drops lavender
jasmine flowers
violet flowers

Mists and Shadows Oil
1/4 ounce olive oil
4 drops heather oil
3 drops lemon oil
4 drops lilac oil
5 drops rose oil
10 drops Faery Magick Oil (above)
10 drops green forest oil
5 drops siberian fir oil
5 drops honeysuckle oil
2 drops dark musk oil
oat straw, oakmoss
peridot and amethyst
Use this oil when working in the space between the Faery Kingdom and our realm.

Faery Oil
1 Garnet crushed
1 Dram Dragon’s Blood Oil
Coriander Seeds

Faerie Spirit Oil
6 drops oakmoss
4 drops rosemary
3 drops cypress
2 drops patchouli

Friendly Nature Spirit Oil

Nature-Spirit Attracting Oil
1/2 dram carnation oil
1/2 dram gardenia oil

Lady of the Lake Oil
1/4 oz. almond oil
25 drops lavender oil
5 drops lilac
5 drops earth oil
5 drops rose geranium
4 drops carnation
1 drop jasmine
1 drop rosemary
lavender buds
amethyst crystal

Merlin Oil
1/4 oz. olive oil
6 drops vetiver oil
5 drops pine oil
5 drops green forest oil
5 drops oakmoss
2 drops cypress or cedar
2 drops rose geranium
1 drop clove oil
clove buds or cedarwood
tiger’s eye

Sprite Music Oil
10 drops rose or carnation
8 drops violet
8 drops sandalwood


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