A Beltane Binding Spell

A Beltane Binding Spell

Color of the day: Orange
Incense of the day: Sage

In the Wiccan wheel of the year Beltane celebrates the marriage of the God and the Goddess. Many modern Wiccans enjoy a Beltane wedding because of the sexual imagery contained in this sabbat’s rituals. One feature of the celebration is the tying together of the couples’ hands. We call this handfasting, a name given to the Celtic customs of trial marriages. With a length of silk you can weave a spell to bind something to you. Wrap one end of the silk snugly around your left hand. Wrap the other end of the silk to something or someone else, provided you have consent. You may want to confirm your relationship to your best friend, a work partner, or with a small child. You may wish to keep objects, such as books, jewelry, or money, from being lost. You will need to personalize the words of power so that they are more specific to your purpose. What follows is a blueprint. The finished spell is yours to build.

High and hot the Beltane fire,
I bind you now by my desire.
No one shall harm, lose, or take,
Because a binding upon it I make.

When the silk is removed, the spell remains. Keep the silk and visualize the spell to recharge the binding as necessary.

By: Edain McCoy



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