The Crone Approaches

My 44th birthday is the 23rd. I must say I am not all together too thrilled about it. It is a rare event that I post such a personal blog on my favorite site I own lol but I feel led to do it.

A while ago I had gone to the doctor for a physical having been told that I am premenopausal. I just looked at her like and your point? I just totally dismissed the idea. Having had a set of fraternal twin girls 3 years ago I didnt think too much of what she had said.

Why now? Oh lets see- the mood swings, the hot flashes, the cold sweats (and hot!), the arthitis pain (while not menopausal related still relavant), and the moon cycle suddenly sticking around for two weeks! Yea I spoke to the doctor about that and its completely normal for a woman my age. Yea fantastic. NOT!

After two marriages and a third, 6 kids and 5 step-kids and a few step-grandkids thrown in I really thought I wasnt ready for Cronehood. Apparently that all doesnt matter. I love being Mom, its my whole life. As a Crone am I to learn a new way of life without my cycle? I always envisioned Her as being this wise old “hag” with white hair, sagging breasts, and a completely wrinkled face; which is so NOT me!

Tears spring into my eyes as I even think about it! No I’m not accepting this gracefully as a proper lady and priestess should!

Although after reading a few blogs on wordpress on Wicca and a great many written by some pretty amazing young women (ok ok younger than I) well then perhaps the Goddess has other ideas for me. I can in turn pass my wisdom on to them. Wisdom is a priceless gift no matter from whom or where it comes from.

The Crone approaches swift and sure, gliding on the raven’s wing, but She is still years away from me. I will enjoy the time I’ve left in the Mother’s embrace as surely as my baby girls are stillin mine and will be for many years to come.

Till next time dear readers; Blessed Be. xoxox


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