Morning Thoughts- The Pagan Tarot Part 6

Today’s card from the Pagan Tarot is the Chariot. This I have to say was the hardest card in the Major Arcana so far that it was hard for me to give my impressions on. When one see the more traditional card of the Chariot one expects the horse drawn chariot and not a car!

Oddly enough this card also spoke to me the more I held it. It spoke to me of not being afraid to ask for help. I mean really take a look at the card. A woman stranded on the side of the road, car broke down, and she’s on her phone and two gentlemen are walking up seemingly to help. Victory (getting the help needed) is at hand. Take control of the situation instead of wimping out and saying “oh my life just sucks!” Being mature enough to do so. Overcoming obstacles.

Key words- victory, maturity, control, overcoming obstacles
Key Phrase- I am not afraid to ask for help if I need it.


One thought on “Morning Thoughts- The Pagan Tarot Part 6

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