From the Book of Shadows of Rev. Morgan

From the Book of Shadows of Rev. Morgan dated April 1st 2012

I must remember to thank Silver RavenWolf for her excellent post on New Moon Spirit Dolls! Her design and notes sparked some creativity in me yesterday. She did the whole thing on graph paper! I read her notes and then came up with my own idea for a healing poppet using a standard poppet pattern. While I was drawing it I thought about what I wanted the doll to do and went from there. This in turn sparked a standard home protection jar spell that consequently produced the rise of additional jar spells which one could utilize to suit their own needs.

For example; lets say I wanted to make a jar to honor the Goddess Aphrodite. I would take a small jar and a few items representing Aphrodite such as a pearl, a picture, a small scallop shell blessed in Her name. I would charge them all in Her name and add them to the jar with maybe a few herbs and/or flowers associated with Her as well. I would then take the jar and flank it with a vase of flowers and a pink candle. I would charge, cleanse, and consecrate the jar in the name of Aphrodite and ask for Her blessings on the jar. I would also present it to the Four Quarters. When I wanted to connect with Her I could simply open the jar and release the energy. If I wanted to make a wish on Her I could simply write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. After the wish was granted then the paper would be removed and burned its ashes scattered to the four winds.

Incidentally; a pretty basket adorned with ribbons and flowers dedicated in Her name could also serve the same purpose if one really wanted to get crafty about it.

Healing Poppet- Just take a general poppet pattern and sew it up according to directions. Embellish it anyway you wish. Add taglocks either inside the doll (which to some is traditional) or you can make a pocket on the outside of the doll to place names, charms, wishes, etc. I rather like this idea its just so versatile! Match the hair and eyes with yarn, or thread and fabric paint (works best for painting facial features or you can use beads for the eyes).

Healing colors- I came up with these colors on my chart – red: for heart disease, muscle, circulatory, and blood ailments. Lt Blue: Asthma, breathing, and lung ailments. Blue: Good health, and general healing. Yellow: diabetes, intestine, and stomach ailments. Orange (my 16 year old step-daughter came up with this color!): rheumatoid arthritis, joint, and bone ailments. Lavender (she also came up with this lol) nervous system, anxiety, and stress related ailments. Green or White: for pregnancy and childbirth.

One does not have to use these colors. Feel free to come up with your own. Add herbs for healing such as mint, rosemary, eucalyptus, bay leaves, orange peel, and fennel. You can also combine herbs to correspond to a particular ailment but you have to do the research for that.

Charge, cleanse and consecrate the poppet according to your tradition and go from there with a healing spell or ritual that uses a healing poppet or write your own! Its as simple as that. These are just ideas on a piece of paper in my BOS they aren’t written in stone.
For the Home Protection Jar mentioned earlier in the post just take any size or style jar and add herbs for protection, nails, or any other sharps objects. You can add assorted charms to it. I usually add spring water but for serious protection yes use urine. Your own preferably.

You can get really crafty and paint protective runes and/or other sigils on the outside of the jar or the lid. You can (and I just learned this yesterday; sadly I never thought of it) even wall the jar in your home. If say you just bought a new home simply create a jar, bless it, and wall it up in your home. Some use the wall beneath either the stairs leading to the second floor or the basement stairs. Lacking that I suggest the room where the family spends most of its time like the living room or kitchen but that’s me.

Herbs for protection are not limited to these rue, rosemary, clove, frankincense, dragon’s blood, nettle, lilac, cinnamon, garlic, sage, angelica, hyssop, lavender, patchouli.

For a money jar you can paint the rune of Fehu for prosperity or a dollar sign $ on the outside of the jar or the lid. For a love jar try hearts. For joy you can try rainbows!

Rev. Morgan’s Magickal Tip of the Day- Magick is so versatile! The only limit is your imagination!


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