the Pagan Tarot part: 5

Good Morning and Merry Meet Dear Readers!

        Today’s card from the Pagan Tarot Deck is the Lovers. This card is not the traditional Lover’s card where there is a man and a woman in love but rather a young woman clad in ritual robes holder her BOS in one hand, and what looks like a sword in the other. She looks in the direction of other ritually clad people walking into a cave while the other path supports a small child, an older woman, and a house in the distance. The Lover’s card does not always indicate love in the physical sense (ie being in love), but rather more of an emotional sort. This is the card of choices. To choose between a life of spiritual fulfillment and a life filled with family. For those who choose both it then becomes a card of balance. To learn to balance both our spiritual and mundane lives so that we may achieve some sort of balance within.

Key Phrases- I strive to achieve a harmonic balance in my life.

Key Words- Choices, balance, harmony



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