Tarot Readings



I did this reading for myself (and I suck at reading my own cards) using only the Major Arcana of the Pagan Tarot deck. Interesting enough this is what I came up with.


Delving into the past can be tricky. You cannot go blindfolded. You must be firmly rooted in the present to make such a journey. The choices you made then cannot be undone only learned from- be they good or ill. Although wrongs must be righted you cannot change the past; you can only do so in the present.


Do not sit idly by while others make decisions for you, and do your work for you. That is for you to do alone. When you get stuck know your guardian angel, spirit guides or whatever they may be to you will guide you on your way. There are many guides along the way who will wear different faces. Do not be afraid.


Honestly I am not too sure what this all means. Ironically, I had done a prior reading using a similar method using my Arthurian Legend Deck…that for me reads a bit differently when using this method. See if you find similarities within both readings. It is as follows-


The Wise One sits alone in his cave. The High Priestess is torn between two great loves. The Kingdom crumbles into a cloud of fire and smoke. The Wheel turns. Judgment comes for the King for his crimes. A Traitor seeks out the Gods for Justice to win back his honor. The Sun rises and falls. The Moon, and Stars are witness to the rise of a new Queen.


When reading the cards for myself they seem to be negative. In a reading about 4 days ago using the Pagan Tarot deck and the Celtic Cross method I came up with this-


1)8 of Swords (R) – Heartbreak, loss, standstill, there is a lot of interference.

2)The Magician- forgetting who you are. Time to take action.

3) 10 Pentacles- Material things, a happy conclusion

4) 4 Chalices- making the wrong choice

5) The Hierophant- the need for approval from others. Not living by everyone else’s rule.

6)7 Chalices- Wearing many faces but none of them are your own. Not allowing yourself to be the “real you”. Beware- someone may be trying to trick you.

7) Initiate of Swords- The swift coming and going of a matter.

8)Novice of Pentacles- Harbinger of good news involving money, prosperity and rewards.

9) 9 Pentacles- obtaining wisdom. Being happy and worthy.

10)Elemental of Chalices- Ill-tempered. A person not particularly stable.


I don’t know about you but I can see slight similarities within all three readings. They aren’t obvious but if you read between the lines they are there. Yea yea now I have to really think about what it all means to me.


Clearly I am aware that some things I am totally responsible for. Those are the ones I would want to fix if it was within the scope of my power. Other situations there were no control. Bad stuff does happen to good people and sometimes there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. I need to learn to accept that. Case in point- I moved back from Florida to NY a few years ago but in the end lost everything we owned…stuff that is of course irreplaceable. Thousands of dollars on an Occult library gone, baby pictures of me and the kids, all my arts and craft stuff, etc all gone sold at auction. It was beyond my control although I fought like hell to control it. I am trying very hard to let that go. Its so not easy.


Hidden within these readings are my lessons I am trying to learn to evolve into a more peaceful, and productive state of being.




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