Morning Thoughts- The Pagan Tarot Part 4

Good Morning and Merry Meet dear readers!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it promises to be a beautiful day! 

 Today’s card from the Pagan Tarot Deck is the Hierophant. This card scares me a bit. For me this is the card of religious abuse- plain and simple.

People are burning books in this card. I find it interesting that a solitary person stands on the poritco above the scene. Now is he going to stop the madness or is he the one who started it? In this deck the Hierophant doesnt appear to have the same meanings as other traditional Hierophant cards. The church in this card seems to be another seat of power with a corrupt priest at the helm.  Did anyone notice the young woman standing away from the crowd clutching her pendant?

Key phrase for this card- Not conforming to another person’s rule.

Only when people begin to work as one will things like book burnings be a thing of the past.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


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