Afternoon Thoughts- The Pagan Tarot Part 3

Good Afternoon dear readers! Before I get into the Emperor Card of the Pagan Tarot Deck I wanted to say that last night we went to my step-daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party! I met her mother and step-father for the first time; they were sweet and poliet but only for the sake of the birthday girl from what I’m told. Either way because of certain elements in the family dynamics that I am not able to talk about lets just say I thank the Goddess that the evening went well and without incident. I did find it surprising that Kimberly did have a short speech dedicated to me and a candle for me to light. Even the day after I am still speechless! It was totally unexpected and for this I thank the Goddess also. Perhaps I am doing something right after all.

Now then, today’s card is the Emperor. I’ve included a picture this time! Thank Goddess for Google! Key words for this card basing them on my impressions of the card- Power, Control, Authority, Counsel. Doesnt it seem in this card that people are walking into a church? My impression is a Pagan/Wiccan one and that people are coming back to the Old Ways. There is simply too much power and control within the structure and beliefs of man-made religions which provides ways to just exert bondage against the people. People tend to revovlt when to much control is exerted on them. They preach against falling into sin yet are doing the very things they profess to be against. Key phrase- “No one has power over me but the Gods”.


4 thoughts on “Afternoon Thoughts- The Pagan Tarot Part 3

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  2. Thank you for sharing this info. I think this tarot card is the best way to know some thing about our future. This is a science and very few person are able to do this properly.


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