Is Divinity Real?

Is Divinity Real?
Rev. Donna Mulvey

How do people go on throughout their lives without deity? Without a concept of a higher power? I have seen so many people with no faith in anything and never ask why they are on this earth or even how they got here. Some even still only believe in themselves. I desire to know what happened in their lives that would cause them to believe thusly.

I have found that most people require proof, some kind of tangible evidence beyond doubt that Divinity or deity exists. They insist that in order to believe in a divine presence, they must see, feel, and hear. What they fail to understand that you can do these things already and to not do so is no proof that a higher power or divine presence does not exist.

The true face of divine regardless of what names we humans in our limited understanding attach to it is unknowable. This is why so many of us strive for it. Because it is unknowable. I find that most people also look in the wrong places for evidence of divine. They do not realize that deity, or divine, does not live per say in any book of holy writ or building, but rather in our own hearts and souls.

Archeology has proven repeatedly that the ancient people worshiped a divine deity of some kind. How did the ancient Gods and Goddesses of the ancient world come to be if for not the evidence of their existence painted on cavern walls? Were these just the meanderings of insane men and women?

I do not understand how people do not realize the miraculous power of prayer, that divine is and was before all things. We all manifest divine’s presence in different ways. I have felt Her undeniable presence in my dreams, when I gave birth to my children. I feel Her power during storms, I see Her in every sunrise and sunset, when I see the moon in the sky (I envision the Witches before me standing before that same moon (that has graced the sky for millions of years) that is the representation of the Goddess in awe. I hear Her voice in the wind and roll of the tides of the ocean. I hear it in my children’s laughter. I smell Her fragrance in the chill of autumn and the roses of summer. I feel Her body beneath my feet.

Think about it, do we really pray to empty air? Then how do we explain how our prayers are answered if there isn’t anyone up there listening to us? Our lives have purpose and direction with deity, as opposed to just randomly existing. Ask me if I believe deity or a divine presence exists and I will say yes, for me in the form of the Goddess and Gods. Still, other people do not believe unless they can actually ‘see’ with their own eyes, like in your face type thing. I believe you do not have to ‘see’ divine to acknowledge existence. Rather you do not ‘see’ with your eyes per say but with your heart and soul. It is in the quietness of your mind, heart, and soul, which the voice of divine speaks to us.

When divine or even ‘supernatural things’ happen we try to explain it with science or even simple logic. That is part of the problem we cannot explain divinity away. Divinity exceeds science and logic and is beyond our understanding of time and space, as we know them to be. It simply goes beyond our scope of what we believe to be reality. To ‘feel’ divine’s presence does not require physical senses as we know them, it just happens. To those who do not believe in a higher power and have no concept of it, the feeling is lessened because they are so rooted in the mundane world and only a person who is spiritual minded would be able to feel without physical senses, its like a kind of inner knowing. Its simply a matter of faith, which one either has or not.

Its too bad that society has gone to such lengths to ‘create’ its own religions when true spirituality comes from within ourselves as opposed to getting it from a book, or a building. Divine does not live in these things, but rather is the entire universe. The doctrines of some religions claim that Lucifer is the source of all-evil, when originally he was worshipped as a Sun God in the Tuscany Valley area of Italy with his sister, the Goddess Diana, the moon. Together they had a daughter Aradia, whom Diana sent to earth to teach Witchcraft to the people (much in the manner of Jesus being sent to earth for the forgiveness of sins) if you follow the Strega Tradition. Cultures from around the world is filled with myths and legends about how the earth was created etc, does not make any of them wrong or right. In this instance, all ‘religions’ are the same when you look at the roots of them. They all have a Source, they all started from Divine. The question is this- if cultures from around the world share the same stories, albeit told in a thousand different ways, then how can Divinity not exist?

I feel we must not deny ourselves our spiritual destinies the rewards are too great. It is our right as children of the Goddess and Gods, this is why we were created in the first place, to be spiritual beings and to edify and worship our creators. To create, to heal, to teach, and to love each other as surely as we love those who created us, our spiritual parents. What have we actually created instead? War, famine, poverty, destruction, and to what end does this actually serve? Not a damn thing.

In Marion Zimmer Bradley’s book ‘The Mists of Avalon’ (published by Ballantine Books 1982), page x-xi is a wonderful passage that hit home with me;

“For all Gods are one God,” She said to me then, as she had many times before, and as I have said to my own novices, many times, and as every priestess who comes after me will say again, “and all Goddesses are one Goddess, and there is only one Initiator. And to every man his own truth, and the God within”
And so, perhaps, the truth winds somewhere between the road to Glastonbury, Isle of Priests, and the road to Avalon, lost forever in the mists of the Summer Sea. But this is my truth; I who am Morgaine tell you these things, Morgaine who was in later days called Morgan le Fay.”

The passage makes a good point. We all have a Source, a place we believe we come from spiritually. What we believe as our chosen path is our truths. For my mother, its Lutheranism, for me, its Wicca. None are right or wrong. That is the truth.

I believe Goddess and the Gods manifest divine. Known by a thousand names and faces. Since before the earth was made they have been, and they will be long after we cease to exist on this earth. Faith within ourselves and within Spirit (by which whatever name we attach to it as our own truth) is where we find our answers. All we have to do is shut up long enough to hear. Blessed Be!

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